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Each week in college football, you just never can be sure what is going to happen. Sure, you can make some pretty logical guesses, and those guesses in some cases are safer than others – but all in all its still a guess. But three games into the season, some things DO start gelling. Others are still question marks.

Take USC for instance. I got a huge kick out of the sports media putting so much emphasis on LSU’s “big” win over Virginia Tech, when very honestly the Hokies didn’t deserve a 9 ranking. So “big” did this win get inflated, that many hapless, perhaps drunk, coaches and writers removed first place votes from USC, as if they had somehow shown badly, when in fact, by luck of no one in particular, had a bye. Well, hopefully, these same drunkards will notice the USC trounced (the score wasn’t indicative of the game) Nebraska 49-31. In actuality, without the USC 2nd and 3rd teams in at the end of the game, this might have been much worse.

Impressive as the Trojans were, there were those that continued to disappoint, and one in particular that downright followed its path into collapse. Texas, had to hold on for dear life to beat a charging Central Florida team, and Louisville proved that sure enough, offense ISNT enough to win games, especially when the other team has as many guns as you do. Arkansas also proved that it isnt nearly as good as they thought, and that their road through the SEC just might be alot more disappointing.

So with all this, we offer up the new Kathman Top 25:

1. USC (2-0) . Defeated Nebraska 49-31. Next week Washington St. at home.
The Men of Troy silence the critics in a game that showed, again, the Pete Carroll is the master of the halftime adjustment. By all practicals, this was 49-21, but for late scores on 2d and 3d USC teams.

2. LSU (3-0). Defeated Mid Tenn State 44-0. Next week: South Carolina at home.
The Tigers do what Louisville should have done. Matt Flynn throws for over 340 yds and 2 TDs, and of course, there’s the defense. Better not let down next week!

3. Oklahoma (3-0) Defeated Utah St. 54-3. Next Week: At Tulsa (Friday)
Oklahoma hasn’t really been tested yet, and wont be next week either. However, they continue to dominate on both sides of the ball. OU offense averaging 565 yards per game.

4. Florida (3-0) Defeated Tennessee 59-20. Next week: At Ole Miss.
The Gators show big and defense kicks it up a notch in the rout of the Vols. Tom Tebow throws for 2 touchdowns and runs for 2 more. Not a bad night.

5. West Virginia (3-0) Defeated Maryland 31-14. Next week : E Carolina at home.
Maryland looked tough early, but so did Marshall. WVU shows some decent defense this go-round. WVU gradually falling out of the National title hopes, with perceived distance between 4 and 5.

6. California (3-0) Defeated La. Tech 42-12. Next week: Arizona at home.
La Tech is a good solid team, and offered very little against a solid Golden Bear team that racked up 447 yards of offense. Longshore had 238 yards and 2 TDs. This is the Cal team that needs to show up every week

7. Wisconsin (3-0) Defeated The Citadel 45-31. Next week: Iowa at home.
Another tough game for the Badgers, but this time they played like a top 25 team. Still I get the idea they haven’t played their best yet. They’d better get it together before next week.

8. Texas (3-0) Defeated Central Florida 35-32. Next week: Rice at home.
Longhorns drop again in my poll, as they must scramble at the end to avoid an upset. Right now, Texas’ hasn’t got a chance against OU in a few weeks, so get ready to see them nose dive.

9. Ohio State (3-0) Defeated Washington 33-14. Next week: Northwestern at home.
Another consistent, solid performance. The Buckeyes are rapidly becoming a quiet force and in a toss-up Big-10 this year, that could be very good. Rose Bowl inside track?

10. Penn State (3-0) Defeated Buffalo 45-24. Next week: At Michigan.
The Nittany Lions started slow, but really dominated the remainder of the game. Defense looks really solid, while the offense seems to be roller coaster. With revival of Michigan this week (beating Notre Dame 38-0), next week looms HUGE for Joe Pa’s team.

11. Oregon (3-0) Defeated Fresno State 52-21. Next week: At Stanford.
Forget Anaheim, these are the Mighty Ducks. Perhaps the hottest and most underrated team in college football. RB Jonathan Stewart runs for 165 yards, including an 88 yard TD run. Pac-10 looks like a 3 team race this year. Anything goes. Oregon can be anyone on the board I think.

12. Rutgers (3-0) Defeated Norfolk St 59-0. Next week: Idle.
The Scarlet Knights doing what they do best. Best defense in the Big East. Ray Rice runs for three touchdowns, while Mike Teel passes for 269 yards. Can they get by WVU this year? Quite possibly.

13. Boston College (3-0) Defeated Georgia Tech 24-10. Next week: Army at home.
Matt Ryan has a career high 30/44 for 435 against a previously stingy Georgia Tech defense. Surprisingly, three weeks in, its BC and Clemson owning the ACC Atlantic.

14. Clemson (3-0) Defeated Furman 38-10. Next week: At NC State.
Speaking of Clemson, they had a solid performance again, and consistency gets rewarded. Tigers could make it very interesting in the ACC Atlantic.

15. Hawaii (3-0) Defeated UNLV 49-14. Next week: Charleston Southern at home.
Colt Brennan goes 26/32 for 298, uncharacteristically low numbers in a lopsided win. Three games, over 1200 yards passing- you do the math.

16. Virginia Tech (2-1) Defated Ohio 28-7. Next week: Wm & Mary at home.
Good solid rebound by the Hokies, but they still are having offensive woes. Defense is still tough, but watch out.

17. Louisville (2-1) Lost to Kentucky 40-34. Next week: Syracuse at home.
This one got away from the Cardinals, but predictably we’ve said all season that they would be in trouble when a good O-team came to town. Indeed they were.

18. South Carolina (3-0) Defeated S Carolina St 38-3. Next week: At LSU.
I will admit I haven’t taken the Gamecocks seriously. But Spurrier is a dang good coach and upset Georgia last week. With a few dropping out, we move his bunch in. However, this could be short-lived considering they must encounter the LSU juggernaut next week.

19. Missouri (3-0) Defeated West. Michigan 52-24. Next week: Illinois St at home.
We’re pretty astonished that coaches and writers haven’t noticed these guys. After the Nebraska loss, the Tigers seem to be the cream of the B12 North. Chase Daniels has another good day going 27/46 for 328 and 2 touchdowns.

20. Nebraska (2-1) Lost to USC 49-31. Next week: Ball State at home.
Sam Keller threw for 389, but most of that against a 3d string USC defense. Cornhusker defense found out that a speed offense is sure different than anything in the Big 12. Still they are a good B12-North title choice.

21. Alabama (3-0) Defeated Arkansas 41-38. Next Week: Georgia at home.
The Tide show the true character of maybe an overrated Arkansas team. Razorbacks allow too much offense at the end of the game. Bama allows 195 to McFadden, but only allow 145 in the air. Tide mounts 450 yds of offense. Next week very key.

22. Georgia (2-1). Defeated W. Carolina 45-16. Next week: At Alabama.
Hard to gauge any year what the Bulldogs do week to week. They lose focus so easily. However a good bounce back after a heartbreak loss to S. Carolina last week puts them back in the T25 in my book.

23. Texas A&M (3-0) Defeated La-Monroe 54-14. Next Week: At Miami.
The Aggies sport a dynamic offense, but honestly haven’t yet been tested at all. The 1st 3 games are supposed to warm you up, but their first 3 opponents are barely out of high school. Let’s see how they do against the Hurricanes.

24. Kentucky (3-0) Defeated Louisville 40-34. Next week: At Arkansas.
Welcome to the top 25 Wildcats! Undefeated and knocked off a top ten opponent grants you exclusive rights . However, don’t get the big head. Razorbacks will be out for vengence next week and you’re in the way.

25. South Florida (2-0) Idle. Next week: North Carolina at home.
Bulls stay put here for at least another week.
Dropping out this week: UCLA, TCU, Arkansas, Tennessee, Ga Tech

On the Bubble:

Arkansas (2-1)
Georgia Tech (2-1)
Texas Tech (3-0)
UCLA (2-1)

Most Impressive: USC, Florida, Ohio State, Oregon, Boston College, Kentucky
Least Impressive: Texas, Louisville, Arkansas, UCLA, Ga Tech

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I should have known that Daddy Bowden would have problems again.  The seminoles defeat Monday night look vaguely reminiscent of their losses 3 of the last 4 years (now 4 of the last 5).  That causes me pause to see where I need to put them and then realign the top 25.

Texas Tech looked very good dispatching SMU 49-9,  with a very decent defensive effort!  Looks like the offense hasnt lost much either.

Here’s the modified top 25 after week one:

1. USC (1-0) Defeated Idaho 38-10. Next week Idle.
The trojans were hot early and then played lots of people, and coasted.

2. LSU (1-0) Defeated Miss St 45-0. Next week at Va. Tech.
Yep I should have had them #2. An act of cataclysm will not move them at this point.

3. West Virginia (1-0) Defeated W. Michigan 62-24. Next week at Marshall.
Worthy of #3 even tho my high school could probably beat W. Mich.

4. Florida (1-0) Defeated W. Kentucky 49-3. Next week at Troy at home.
Gators move up due to Texas’ poor showing against lowly Arkansas St.

5. Texas (1-0) Defeated Arkansas St. 21-13. Next week TCU at home.
Longhorn fans dont bitch. North Texas and Arkansas St are in the same conf. OU won by 69.

6. Louisville (1-0) Defeated Murray St 73-10. Next week Middle Tenn St at home.
Brohm probably should have gone pro, but he’ll be Heisman leader, and Papa Johns loves him.

7. Wisconsin (1-0) Defeated Washington St. 42-21. Next week at UNLV.
Badgers pull away late and look to be cream of Big 10 right now.

8. California (1-0) Defeated Tennessee 45-31. Next week at Colorado St.
Cal looks terrific offensively, but where’s the D?? They’ll fall but for now, bump is justified.

9. Oklahoma (1-0) Defeated No. Texas 79-10. Next week Miami at home.
Ok, yes I underestimated them. Bob Stoopes – I should have known. Next week will tell.

10. UCLA (1-0) Defeated Stanford 45-17. Next week BYU at home.
Expected win, but not so convincingly – bump up for you Bruins!

11. Virginia Tech (1-0) Defeated E. Carolina St. 17-7. Next week at LSU.
I was uncomfy with them high anyway, other teams did better against better teams so bump down.

12. Penn State (1-0) Defeated Florida Int’l 59-0. Next week Notre Dame at home.
The Nittany Lions look like they might be a contender in the B10 now.

13. Ohio State (1-0) Defeated Youngstown St. 38-6. Next week Akron at home.
Another underestimation, but against Y’ State, who knows. Wont know for a couple.

14. Rutgers (1-0) Defeated Buffalo 38-3. Next week Navy at home (Fri)
Expected and I love the Scarlet Knights!

15. Michigan (0-1) Lost to Appalachian St. 34-32. Next week Oregon at home.
What can you say? Sad Lloyd, very sad. But all is not lost. How will you rebound?

16. Florida State (0-1) Lost to Clemson 24-18. Next week UAB at home.
Seminoles let this one get away early, but spirited come back almost worked.

17. Georgia (1-0) Defeated Okla St 35-14. Next week South Carolina at home.
Doo dah – you beat a tier three B12. It wasnt as lopsided as the score, dawgs – dont get cocky.

18. Auburn (1-0) Defeated Kansas St 23-13. Next week South Florida at home.
Woo boy – last 1:30 snatches victory from the jaws of defeat. Careful.

19. TCU (1-0) Defeated Baylor 27-0. Next week at Texas.
Typical Frog victory, enough O, and killer D. Look out Texas (Chris B may be right!)

20. Boise State (1-0) Defeated Weber St. 56-7. Next week at Washington.
On the rise, BSU looks great yet AGAIN this year. Next week will be pivotal.

21. Nebraska (1-0) Defeated Nevada 52-10. Next week at Wake Forest.
Calahan’s bunch looks better this year. Could make noise in the B12 North.

22.Tennessee (0-1) Lost to California 45-31. Next week So. Miss at home.
Scored 31 against Cal, which should have been enough. No D. Fatal in the SEC boys.

23. Arkansas (1-0) Defeated Troy 46-26. Next week at Alabama.
Are the Hogs for real? Well a romp over Troy wont mean much. How bout next week tho?

24. Missouri (1-0) Defeated Illinois 40-34. Next week at Ole Miss.
A good 1st game against a good 1st opponent. Missou needs to be better tho to contend.

25. Georgia Tech (1-0) Defeated Notre Dame 33-3. Next week Samford at home.
Big Bump for GT after dominating ND in the shadow of Touchdown Jesus. Good work Jackets!

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I never quite figured out why the sexual urge of men and women differ so much. And I never have figured out the whole Venus and Mars thing. I have never figured out why men think with their head and women with their heart.


One evening last week, my girlfriend and I were getting into bed. Well, the passion starts to heat up, and she eventually says “I don’t feel like it, I just want you to hold me.”

I said “WHAT??!! What was that?!”

So she says the words that every boyfriend on the planet dreads to hear…

“You’re just not in touch with my emotional needs as a woman enough for me to satisfy your physical needs as a man.”

She responded to my puzzled look by saying, “Can’t you just love me for who I am and not what I do for you in the bedroom?”

Realizing that nothing was going to happen that night, I went to sleep.

The very next day I opted to take the day off of work to spend time with her. We went out to a nice lunch and then went shopping at a big, big unnamed department store. I walked around with her while she tried on several different very expensive outfits. She couldn’t decide which one to take so I told her we’d just buy them all. She wanted new shoes to compliment her new clothes, so I said lets get a pair for each outfit. We went onto the jewelry department where she picked out a pair of diamondearrings. Let me tell you…she was so excited. She must have thought I was one wave short of a shipwreck. I started to think she was testing me because she asked for a tennis bracelet when she doesn’t even know how to play tennis. I think I threw her for a loop when I said, “That’s fine, honey.”

She was almost nearing sexual satisfaction from all of the excitement. Smiling with excited anticipation she finally said, “I think this is all dear, let’s go to the cashier.”

I could hardly contain myself when I blurted out, “No honey, I don’t feel like it.”

Her face just went completely blank as her jaw dropped with a baffled “WHAT?”

I then said “honey! I just want you to HOLD this stuff for a while. You’re just not in touch with my financial needs as a man enough for me to satisfy your shopping needs as a woman.” And just when she had this look like she was going to kill me, I added, “Why can’t you just love me for who I am and not for the things I buy you?”

Apparently I’m not having sex tonight either.

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I  am not sure ANYONE was expecting a blowout in the National Championship, but sure enough Florida did it. And I’ll say that I am not suprised.

If you think of college football today, the Big 10 just doesn’t have the national level of competition that the other conferences have. If it werent for Penn State and Wisconsin, the B10 would be winless in bowl games. For crying out loud Minnesota blew a 31 point lead to Texas Tech!! Please!!

The Big 10 just is still 10 years behind the game of football.  It is smash mouth football, where they only RECENTLY found that the football is aerodynamically sound.  The ACC, Pac-10, SEC, ACC and even smaller conferences know that offensive finesse and solid defense wins championships.  The Big 10 just hasnt gotten that far yet.

 Hence I was NOT surprised at Florida’s blow out. I would have publically picked OSU, because I did think they had superior athletes, but apparently not. The level of competition just isnt there yet. The SEC, top to bottom, is easily the best conference in NCAA div I and that was easily proved tonight.

So I’d like to offer my FINAL top 20 ranking for 2006-2007:

 1. Florida
2. USC
3. LSU
4. Ohio State
5. Louisville
6. Boise State
7.  Michigan
8. Notre Dame
9. Wisconsin
10.  West Virginia
11. Auburn
12. California
13. Notre Dame
14. Texas
15. Rutgers
16. BYU
17. Oklahoma
18. Georgia Tech
19. Boston College
20. Wake Forest

 Coach of the Year:  Bob Stoopes, Oklahoma

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Just a quick note on how things are going:

Poinsettia Bowl:   Prediction:  TCU  31    No. Illinois  21
Actual Result:       TCU 37  No. Illinois 7

I think I gave No. Illinois too much credit obviously.

Las Vegas Bowl:  Prediction:  BYU 37   Oregon 24
Actual Result:   BYU 38   Oregon  8

This one wasnt even a game.

New Orleans Bowl:  Prediction:   Rice 28  Troy  10
Actual Result:   Troy 41   Rice  17

Wow, what the hell happened to Rice?  So much for my thinking that they had made big strides there.

New Mexico Bowl:  Prediction:  New Mexico 27  San Jose State  24
Actual Result:  San Jose St.  20    New Mexico 12

Well, I thought this would be a good game. Congrats to the Spartans on a fine effort in front of a hostile crowd!

PapaJohns.com Bowl:  Prediction:   South Florida  35   E. Carolina  17
Actual Result:   So Florida 24  E. Carolina 7

About the right margin, just lower scoring.

Armed Forces Bowl:  Prediction:   Tulsa  24  Utah  21
Actual Result: Utah 25  Tulsa 13

I should have remembered that Utah almost always wins bowl games!

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What a finish to a great regular season!

USC couldn’t muster enough offense to overcome an inspired UCLA defense today, and lost their change to play for a national title. In fact, the Trojans looked woeful in their lack of capability to move the ball effectively. The USC offensive line was terrible, and the play calling worse.  As a result they will settle for a Rose bowl match probably against LSU.  I will give the edge to LSU.

Wake Forest did its job, albeit in an unusual manner, in defeating Georgia Tech. As I predicted, Reggie Ball again couldnt perform in the clutch, and the Demon Deacon defense was equal to the GT defense.  So, the 9-6 win, gives Wake Forest an automatic bid to the Orange Bowl against Louisville, as Rutgers lost a heart breaker against West Virginia.

Florida surprised me and held on to beat Arkansas, thanks to a very stupid play by a Razorback punt returner, who muffed a punt inside the 5 yard line that was recovered by Florida.  My guess is that Florida will get put second by both coaches polls, so its going to be close to see if the computers bump them ahead of Michigan. I really hope so, frankly.

Kudos to the Oklahoma Sooners for winning the Big-12, beating Nebraska. Nebraska just couldn’t perform. Husker QB Zach Taylor threw 3 interceptions, which was very uncharacteristic. Nebraska was just bit this year with the inability to perform in big games, and this just was the last in a series of disappointments.  So, Oklahoma will go to the Fiesta, while Nebraska will go to the Cotton (most likely against Auburn.

So with our results of the day, some of the bowl games get pretty locked down:

BCS Championship:  Ohio State  v.  Florida- OSU will win this mainly because Chris Leak doesnt seem to do well in high pressure games.

Rose Bowl: USC  v.  Michigan – Classic pre-BCS battle. I think the Wolverines prevail with great defense.

Orange Bowl:  Wake Forest  v.  Louisville. –  This wont be a game. Louisville will dominate by at least 17 or more.

Sugar Bowl:  LSU  v.  Notre Dame – Notre Dame doesnt deserve to be in a bowl game and will be run off the field LSU. Look for JaMarcus Russell to have a big game, and the LSU defense to make life miserable for Brady Quinn.

Fiesta Bowl:  Oklahoma   v.  Boise State – This should be a very entertaining game. I like OU in a squeaker, late.

Capital One:  Arkansas  v.  Wisconsin – Another excellent game, which I think Arkansas wins by maybe a FG.

Gator Bowl:  Georgia Tech  v. West Virginia – West Va should run GT off the field.

Texas Bowl:  Texas Tech  v. Rutgers – This should be a very interesting game. Ray Rice for Rutgers should run rough-shod over the Red Raiders, but if Graham Harrell can show up, he should pass all over the Scarlet Knights.  Rutgers DOES have a defense though and will prevail in the end.

R&L Carrier New Orleans Bowl:  Troy  v.  Rice – Who the hell cares.

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BCS Bowl Predictions Update

Quick post here, based on the results of the Thanksgiving weekend.

With losses by Notre Dame, West Virginia, and Arkansas, and subsequent wins by USC and LSU, the BCS Bowl games might change.  The biggest development was USC’s crushing of Notre Dame.  The computers are unlikely to give any “style points” to the Irish at all. They were previously ranked  #5, and it isn’t out of the question that the pollsters will drop them out of the top 10.  If this happens, the BCS rankings could drop ND below the magic #8 spot which automatically gives them an at-large BCS bid. It should be noted, that just because Notre Dame falls below the #8 spot, DOESN’T necessarily mean that they DONT get a BCS at-large bid either.  The Irish have a massive following and guarantees a big audience, so there might not be any impact at all, other than psychological. 

Here’s an educated guess on what might happen.

BCS Championship: Unless USC just plain falls on its backside and loses to UCLA, Ohio State and the Trojans will be playing in Glendale for the Div 1A title.  This is almost a lock.

Sugar Bowl: More than likely this will remain the SEC Champion versus an at large. Arkansas and Florida will play for the SEC Title next week. Even after losing to LSU, I like Arkansas’ wildcat formation to give Florida fits.  Now an interesting match-up here would be Arkansas and Notre Dame. These two teams provide potential for a very intriguing game. But the real question is how far Notre Dame will fall.  Another possibility for Arkansas’ foe would be the Big-East Champ (either Rutgers or Louisville).  I’m thinking that if I’m choosing bowl games, and I DO NOT want the Michigan-Notre Dame matchup in the Rose Bowl, then I play it safe and invite Notre Dame here. However, if Rutgers loses to West Virginia next week, Louisville is the Big East Champ, and might get the nod here. If Rutgers win’s the Big East by defeating WV, then they are probably certain to go here.  My guess is that WV will beat Rutgers, and this will end up Arkansas-Notre Dame.

Fiesta Bowl: One thing is almost certain:  Boise State will get the nod here for one side. The other will be the Winner of the Big12 Championship between Nebraska and Oklahoma. I cant’ tell you why, but I like Nebraska here, so it should be interesting to watch a Boise State-Nebraska matchup.

Orange Bowl:  This is likely to be the ACC champ and one of the at-large bids. Georgia Tech just scares me in their inconsistency, so as odd as it sounds, I think Wake Forest will win the ACC and get the bid to the Orange.  That would leave either Louisville or LSU as the opponent.  See my discussion above with regard to the Sugar Bowl.  If Louisville wins the Big East (i.e. Rutgers loses to West Virginia), then I like a Wake Forest-Louisville matchup.  This would basically pit the ACC Champ v. Big East Champ.  Nice.

Rose Bowl:  Barring a USC meltdown, Michigan will be here for sure.  Will the BCS committee be enamoured with a rematch with Notre Dame?  The Irish got their clock cleaned  by the Wolverines, and havent fared well with top teams this year. So, I dont like the idea of rematching the two here at all.  I still like sending Notre Dame to the Sugar. So, this means the Rose gets an at-large, and most likely, LSU.  This would be an outstanding matchup – two great defenses with unpredictable offenses. Should be much more entertaining.

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